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The Big Screen

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, columnist

Ian McDonald

runs a screen to find the funds that have put up the best returns within a given category or set of criteria. McDonald analyzes the funds that make the list and often offers a few others that might be worth a look.

The Right Blend, Small- and Mid-Cap Style (May 18)

The Right Blend, Large-Cap Style (May 15)

The Gods of Small (and Mid-Cap) Things (May 11)

Small- and Mid-Cap Growth Funds That Earned Their Stripes (April 26)

Large-Cap Growth Funds That Make the Grade (April 24)

The Best Short Stories (April 23)

What's in a Name When It Comes to Your Mutual Fund? (April 12)

Value Funds for All Seasons (April 10)

Tech Fund Losers in Good Times and Bad (April 5)

Tech Fund 'Winners' in Good Times and Bad (April 3)

Weekly Scorecard

This piece, which also runs on Saturdays, examines how the best, worst and biggest funds performed during the week. Also, we list how funds within the various sectors performed.

Weekly Scorecard: This Week's Mutual Fund Winners and Losers (May 19)

The ETF and HOLDRs Weekly Report

This weekly piece lists the one-week and year-to-date performance of all the exchange-traded funds and HOLDRs.

The ETF and HOLDRs Weekly Report (May 19)

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