Who are the best analysts on Wall Street today? You can read all about them -- and about the state of the analyst industry -- in our

Analyst Rankings -- Equity 2000


Our survey set out to create the new standard in analyst rankings. The objective: to identify analysts who have the respect of key institutional investors and strong stock-picking skills who will help you make money.

We present the survey results in a series of articles and charts. Plus, every Tuesday we focus on a category -- e.g., retailing, oil services and biotechnology -- and present "report cards" on the winning analysts. We interview these top analysts for their industry outlook and favorite stock picks, and then ask you, the reader, to vote on those picks in a weekly poll.

Click here to see a calendar of the categories we will be featuring in the weeks and months ahead.

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  • Introduction to the package
  • List of winners, sorted alphabetically, by industry category, and by firm name
  • List of the analysts who ranked best purely in stock picking
  • List of the Wall Street firms whose analysts scored best in our survey
  • Industry overview: State of the Analyst Industry, Part I, by Adam Lashinsky
  • Highlights of the survey
  • Surprises from the survey
  • Methodology of the survey and rankings
  • Calendar of upcoming weekly category coverage
  • Analyst compensation: why even the proverbial bench-warmers are taking home enviable pay packages
  • Lifesavers: the analysts voted most likely to save you from disaster
  • Industry overview: State of the Analyst Industry, Part II, by Adam Lashinsky
  • Deciphering the language of analyst speak: when a buy is really a sell and how to deconstruct a research report
  • Dissecting the "science" of analysts' price targets: how analysts come up with them -- and how seriously you should take them
  • Industry overview: State of the Analyst Industry, Part III, by Adam Lashinsky
  • The top dogs: the five analysts whose stock recommendations had the biggest payoffs
  • Getting what you pay for: Analyst reports and alerts are still free for some investors, others have to pay.
  • If it walks like a duck: Lots of people sell what they call research on the Web and some of it actually is.
  • Up-and-coming analysts our voters identified as the hot newcomers on the Street
  • The most " well connected" analysts
  • Celebrity analysts: Are the famous analysts really good analysts? And what does fame do for an analyst anyway?
  • Voters praise the valuable and rare Wall Street thinkers.
  • Few analysts are willing to risk the consequences of candor. Our voters told us who they are.

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Analyst Rankings -- Equity 2000

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