Shut up muscle car enthusiasts, there is nothing wrong with an all-wheel drive two-door muscle car. 

Since images of Fiat Chrysler's (FCAU) - Get Report new Dodge Challenger GT -- the muscle car badge's first crack at having an all-wheel drive system -- speeding threw the snow began dominating the internet several months ago, all we have heard on car blogs is that Dodge should be ashamed. Of what you ask?

Well, namely making a Dodge Challenger more than just that rear-wheel drive beast that is adept at getting off the line super fast. The fact rear-wheel drive cars are awful in the rain and snow no matter, Dodge apparently has done a disservice to the world of muscle cars, decries mullet wearers typing away on a burner flip phone from inside their General Lee clones (the "Dukes of Hazzard" car was a Dodge Charger, to be fair). 

In short, the Dodge Challenger GT we tested for a few days offered the piece of mind we have longed for in a muscle car. Piece of mind that when it starts raining you won't slip off the highway into a ditch. Comfort that hugging a turn in the snow at 15 miles per hour won't put you into the median. While we didn't test the GT in extreme weather conditions, we did give it a whirl in the rain and on icy pavements and came away impressed.  

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Dodge Challenger GT. Photo credit: Dodge

Priced at $34,490, the Challenger GT's power-plant is a six-cylinder V6 engine that puts out a respectable 305 horsepower. The growly exhaust makes up for the fact the GT doesn't have Dodge Hellcat rip your face off acceleration. The GT's all-wheel-drive system keeps the car in rear-wheel drive during "normal" driving conditions. When a plethora of sensors detect poor driving conditions -- notably the temperature outside shifts and how fast the wheels are spinning -- the front wheels are engaged to add traction. It all happens very seamlessly as in most all-wheel drive autos. 

As for the interior, no big changes compared to the Dodge's we have tested of late. They are spacious, comfortable and offer an easy to use infotainment system. A heated steering wheel is a nice added touch. 

While we would have liked to see wider tires on the GT and a bit more horsepower, those things are easily forgiven. Given the new all-wheel drive component, ergonomic interior and the car's power for the price it's hard to not like the GT.  

Here is the GT at a glance.