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On Thursday, Apple (AAPL) - Get Apple Inc. Report nixed sales of the iPod Nano and Shuffle, as most Apple customers store or stream music on their phones these days. Back in 2008, the company's iPod division generated $9.2 billion in revenues while iPhones were only pulling in $1.8 billion; last year, iPod sales were too insignificant to be included in Apple's earnings reports, while the iPhone pulled in a whopping $136 billion.

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The sea change in the company's sales is a reminder that product popularity can be volatile. The discontinued iPods are not the first products that Apple has had to nix because of flagging sales. Here are 8 Apple products that were killed by the company--how many do you remember?

Editors' pick: Originally published July 28.

1. Macintosh 128k

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This computer, the first Macintosh Apple ever released, hit the market 33 years ago in 1984. That year was also the namesake for the stunning Super Bowl commercial used to advertise the 128k, in which an unnamed heroine throws an ax at a large screen which is broadcasting Big Brother. The heroine is thought to be Macintosh, breaking the trance of conformity by supplying personal computers to the world. The advertisement received great acclaim and propelled the Macintosh 128k to 70,000 units sold in its first six months, a strong showing for Apple at the time. The product was discontinued in October 1985.

2. Original Apple Earbuds

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Apple started shipping these earbuds with its first iPods back in 2001. In 2009, with the release of the iPhone 3GS, Apple added a remote and mic for this product, which made these earbuds even more convenient. However, the product was replaced with Apple's new "earpods" in 2012, which have better acoustics and are a snugger fit in the ear. Nobody's complaining that Apple revamped this product, but they do invoke nostalgia for the era when everyone was listening to an iPod.

3. iWeb

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Apple introduced iWeb in 2006 as part of its iLife suite of applications. The iWeb program is a template-based website creation tool that allowed millions of Apple customers to blog to their heart's content. When Apple transitioned to the iCloud in 2012, though, iWeb was left behind.

4. White Macbook

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This nifty laptop launched in 2006 with Apple's signature glossy white look. The product was aimed mostly at the education markets, which kept racks of these sturdy computers for student use. When the MacBook Air launched in 2011, the white Macbook was discontinued, but Apple still provided support for schools using the product. However, this past May, Apple declared the product "obsolete" and made it ineligible for hardware repairs.

5. 1st-generation iPhone

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When the iPhone was first released a decade ago, it changed the tech landscape forever. Its stylus-free touchscreen, capacity for music and inclusion of the Safari web browser were all exciting new features at the time, and even at the high launch price of $599 consumers lined up to buy the device. The first iteration of the iPhone is smaller but thicker than the ones we carry around today, and lacks both 3G service and the App Store -- two additions that would make the next generation of the iPhone really take off. The product was discontinued in July 2008, one year after it debuted.

6. Thunderbolt Display

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This high-resolution computer display was introduced in July 2011. With its 27-inch widescreen display and LED backlight technology, the Thunderbolt helped Mac users achieve a better picture on their computers. However, the product was discontinued in June 2016, as Apple no longer sells stand-alone display products.

7. iPad 3

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One of Apple's shortest-lived products, the iPad 3 was released in March 2012 and discontinued in October of that same year with the release of the iPad 4. In fact, the third-generation iPad represents the shortest lifespan of any iOS product. The iPad 4 saw weaker first-weekend sales than its predecessor, as many Apple customers were angry that their iPad 3s were turned obsolete so quickly.

8. Airport Time Capsule

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This wireless router is still available on Apple's website, but the company's entire wireless router division has not been updated in some time. The last updates to Apple's Time Capsule models occurred way back in 2013. In November, Bloomberg reported that Apple was abandoning the development of wireless routers to focus more on consumer products. Although Apple has not confirmed the shift of focus, the fact that the company did not deny the report means that the 2013 fifth-generation Time Capsule was most likely the last.