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Semiconductor maker Intersil (ISIL) introduced a new family of dual 2:1 multiplexers Tuesday.

According to the company, the ISL54415/6/7 multiplexers would enable the transmission of quality audio, video and high-speed USB data through a single input/output port, eliminating up to two ports on each portable device. The multiplexers would also eliminate the need for costly external components to prevent interference between A/V and USB data signals, the company said.

This family is designed to reduce the number of connectors and cables required to connect personal media players (PMP), digital still cameras (DSC), camcorders and other consumer electronics products to equipments such as TVs, flat-screen monitors and PCs.

"This new product gives the user the ability to display images on a TV from a portable media player, in addition to providing an audio output, and still using a single I/O port to minimize cost and size", the Milpitas, Calif.-based company said.

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