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Hyperloop One, a company working to commercialize the Hyperloop for moving passengers or cargo at airline speeds for less than the cost of air travel, announced the winners of a competition that asked cities around the world for their best routes.

The proposal winners span the U.S., UK, India, Canada, and Mexico.

The following routes in the U.S. include the 360-mile treck from Cheyenne to Denver to Puelbo, the 488-mile route between Chicago Columbus and Pittsburgh, the 257-mile haul from Miami to Orlando, and the 640 miles journey from Dallas to Houston.

The UK routes include the 414-mile path between Edinburgh and London and the 339-mile journey between Glasgow and Liverpool.

In Mexico, the winning route proposal was the 330-mile haul between Mexico City and Guadalajara. India's routes included the 208-mile trip between Bengaluru to Chennai, and the 685-mile path to Mumbai from Chennai.

And Canada's lone proposal winner was the 400-mile haul between Toronto and Montreal.

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