One can't say Hasbro's (HAS) - Get Report  popular Nerf brand doesn't have several ridiculously fun, and unique, toys out for children this holiday season.

The first is the $199.99 Nerf Battle Racer Peddle Kart being sold at Target (TGT) - Get Report , Walmart (WMT) - Get Report and Toys R' Us. The kart holds up to four Nerf blasters and extra projectiles, and even includes two cup holders to quench the thirst of five-year-olds locked in grueling Nerf battles.

Another offering is the Nerf N-Strike Elite TerraScout RC Drone. While a mouthful to say, the tank-like toy holds a blaster and shoots off up to 18 foam projectiles by simply tapping a button on a controller that features a small LCD screen. The TerraScout records video that could be played back by downloading data from an SD memory card. Total cost for this bundle of fun that is available for sale exclusively at toy retailer Toys R' Us: $189.99.

And then there is the Monopoly Ultimate Banking Game, which eliminates the game's trademark paper money and banker role. Priced at about $15.99, the game's cash has been replaced with special bank cards that players scan on a handheld "banking unit" to buy properties and pay off debt.

Property deed cards, such as Boardwalk, are armed with codes that players scan in order to finish a transaction. The bank cards also track a player's wealth and property values, which can go up and down.

TheStreet put all three toys to the test to see if they were worthy of your holiday season dollars. 

Nerf Battle Racer Peddle Kart

  • Positives: Can easily drive around firing foam projectiles; cup holders; adjustable seating position extends life of the toy
  • Negatives: Driveshaft fell off on reasonable bumps; assembly doesn't happen with the snap of your fingers


We found it well made for the price, easy to maneuver around corners and likely a provider of hours of fun for those aged four to 10. Importantly, it doesn't make a ton of noise. 

Nerf N-Strike Elite TerraScout RC Drone

  • Positives: A drone that shoots foam projectiles with speed and accuracy is great; it drives pretty fast; can see what you are aiming at on the remote control 
  • Negatives: Doesn't hold enough foam projectiles; super loud; learning curve on recording video


A fun take on a remote-controlled car. Perhaps a touch too pricey. If forced to choose, the peddle kart offers the best bang for the buck.

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Game

  • Positives: Lack of physical cash speeds up what has always been a slow game; no cheating; real-time property value tracking 
  • Negatives: No cheating; some of the fun of classic Monopoly is lost due to no physical cash


Makes Monopoly interesting for the smartphone-toting, Snapchat-loving, attention span-absent, sub-25-year-old demographic. So they may actually appreciate the game as a gift. As for those over the age of 30, nothing will ever replace the thrill of secretly stealing cash from the Monopoly bank and then using the ill-gotten gains to bankrupt a family member.