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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Google is partnering with Italian eyewear company Luxottica, which will be designing frames for the search engine's wearable Glass technology.


Google (GOOG) Glass is getting more stylish. The search giant's wearable technology is about to get a fashionable lift from Luxottica Group undefined, the Italian eyewear company behind brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Those brands will be a part of Luxottica's new collaboration with Google, which will see the eyewear company design and create frames for Glass.  According to a statement by Luxottica, the companies aim to develop Glass products that will combine both high-fashion, lifestyle and innovative technology.

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Google Glass uses a monitor in the corner of an eyeglass frame to display information, Internet content or messages.  It also includes a camera for hands-free photo-taking and video recording.  At this point, Google has not made Glass available for sale to the public. Instead, it has sold Glass to a select group of more than 10,000 testers known as "Explorers."

At last check, shares of Google were climbing almost 1% to $1,167.44, while shares of Luxottica were up more than 3% at $55.65 on the news.

In New York, I'm Brittany Umar for TheStreet.

Written by Brittany Umar in New York.