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Basically, the Dodge Demon will be insane -- that much is likely to be on display when the beastly auto gets unveiled on Tuesday evening. 

We do know a couple things about the Demon thanks to weekly teases by Dodge. First, the Dodge Demon (which is owned by Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) - Get Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. Report ) will be the first-ever factory production auto with street legal drag tires. As a result of the extra wide treads, the Demon will sport some aggressive-looking side fenders, which could be seen in the video spot below. 

Meanwhile, the Demon will weigh about 215 pounds less than a Hellcat, reportedMotor Authority. A Hellcat weighs in at about 4,448 pounds. To cut the weight, Dodge has reportedly removed the passenger front seat and rear bench seat.  

Dodge has also introduced the Demon Crate, a special equipment pack that turns the car from a regular street ride into to an all-out drag-strip demolisher. Dodge claims the crate will boast 18 parts that set the car up for the drag strip, including performance parts, track tools, spare wheels and something it calls the "Demon Track Pack System." Dodge said on Tuesday that the tools in the crate will be made by auto-tool maker Snap-On (SNA) - Get Snap-on Incorporated Report .

In a recent Instagram post that has since been pulled, Fiat/Chrysler designer Ryan Nagode shared an image that appeared to show the Demon's refreshed infotainment system. On the performance page, there was a dyno graph showing a peak horsepower of about 900. The graph went up to 1,000 horsepower. If true, the Demon will have significantly more power than the already ludicrous Hellcat. 

Dodge has also unveiled a video on Twitter showing the Demon's massive new hood scoop, which could be seen in a leaked photo (below) now making the rounds. It will support what Dodge calls a "forced induction" system. A dedicated drag race driving mode has been revealed. The company teased improved durability and power delivery of the Demon's driveline parts. Indeed that is important for anyone looking to drive the Demon hard. 

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Dodge then released another video showing the Demon's in-dash performance pages. While the top horsepower on the screen reads 700, the screen goes onto explode as the car's speed blows past 139 mph on the dyno. In effect, it's a good hint the Demon will have significantly more than 700 horsepower.   

The company then showed the Demon hauling tail down a drag strip. Although it was Dodge's least revealing teaser yet, the video did show off the Demon's raw power. Dodge has also showed off the car's launch mode. Interestingly, there was a sub 8 second quarter mile time on the odometer -- so yes, this car will be a darn beast. And, speculation ran rampant on social media following the tease that the Demon could possibly be available with an automatic transmission.

One of Dodge's newest video teases hinted at the Demon having a cold air intake. An intake like this helps to pump in a steady stream of fresh air that boosts engine performance. Dodge says "it's enough to make the engine perform like it is running in the cold Alaskan air, even after a day of runs down the strip on a hot summer day."

Last Thursday, Dodge's latest video hinted the Demon will also be able to special racing fuel. To be sure, this only adds to speculation the Demon will be insanely fast.  

Demon's Forced Induction

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Demon's Special Race Crate

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The Demon was reportedly on display in the below promo video for Fast and Furious 8.

Here is TheStreet fully enjoying a track test of the Dodge Hellcat.

This story has been updated from Mar. 30 with new details.