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Genzyme Halts Trial Enrollment

A data panel sees little chance of success for a heart drug.



halted enrollment in a study of a heart drug amid questions about whether the study is likely to succeed.

The phase II trial was designed to determine the safety and efficacy of using certain skeletal cells to repair heart muscle after a heart attack and to stop the progression of heart failure. According to a data monitoring committee, the trial is not likely to result in the expected improvements in heart function.

"Based on the preliminary results observed to date, we concur with the committee that it is unlikely this trial will achieve success," said Dr. Richard Moscicki, Genzyme's chief medical officer. "Given this likely outcome, and the risks inherent in any clinical trial, we concluded that the most prudent action is to stop any new enrollment in the trial."

Genzyme expects to continue the trial with the 95 patients already enrolled.

Shares fell 0.8% Thursday to $69.86.