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Food for Thought

As fans of

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


Big Boy

never really went away: The

Kansas City Star

reports that

Elias Brothers

has announced plans to purchase 28



restaurants in Missouri and Kansas.

Let's go Krogering for the best of everything, including the price: Southern Californians aren't happily humming the Cincinnati-based grocer's pithy tune as


(KR) - Get Report

gobbles up small food companies in Southern California. In the

Los Angeles Times


"Kroger is buying

Fred Meyer

(FMY) - Get Report

-- owner of the


chain -- to create a grocery powerhouse designed to compete with giant retailers expanding into the supermarket business, like


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," reports the

Albuquerque Journal

TST Recommends


The Russian government prefers rubles to rutabaga, according to an


report in today's

Chicago Sun-Times

. "The question of sending humanitarian aid to Russia ... will not be discussed," said Deputy Finance Minister

Oleg Vyugin


Winemakers' cups aren't exactly runnething over: The

San Francisco Chronicle

reports that "Troubled about lackluster growth in wine consumption, local winemakers are embarking on their first industry-wide advertising campaign."

It's completely un-American, and something has to be done about it, pronto!

Miller Brewing's

(its parent is

Philip Morris

(MO) - Get Report

) shipments are as flat as day-old beer, according to the

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel



Philadelphia Inquirer's

Andrew Cassel brings us a fiscal theory from

Peter Pan

. It's not the peanut butter, but if you wish real hard, things just might get better!

Yeah, I'll have some


and some supersized fries to go! A group of doctors has discovered that potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines can prolong the effects of common anesthetics, even if they are eaten several days ahead of time, reports the