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Mark Zuckerberg gave a heartfelt speech Thursday to Harvard University graduates, in which he even made a plea for universal basic income, and of course Facebook (FB)  live-streamed the event.

But, if you were a viewer with the sound turned off, you probably made out little of what the social network CEO actually said.

As The Verge first reported, the live-stream captions following what Zuckerberg was saying in his commencement speech were complete gibberish.

According to the captions, Zuckerberg wants to live in a world "where everyone has a sense of purposos." And, Harvard graduates shouldn't give up on their dreams because "J.K. Rowling Rauling got rejected 12 times before she finally" saw Harry Potter published.

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Facebook told The Verge that the glitch was out of its control as a Harvard University team handled the captioning. It is unclear whether that team was a robot or human.

It's OK, Zuckerberg, this isn't the first tech fail the Internet has seen. Here's a look back at a few of the most memorable.