Hi, my name is Bob, and I made the unfortunate decision to remove the vending machines from the office: The

Washington Post

reports that local CEOs have been holding monthly support group/therapy sessions. "The meetings, called MindShare, echo support-group formats: Each executive stands . . . introduces himself, and announces a success or failure of the past few weeks."

Girl Power!

Jeraldine Cheatem

is facing a hard battle as she attempts to gain the top post in Chicago-based

Teamters Local 743

, the third-largest local union, reports the

Chicago Sun-Times



San Francisco Chronicle

helps a 68-year-old former businessman with the age-old dilemma of how to "convince hiring managers that being a senior doesn't mean he's incompetent."

He's the

Tom Bodett

of the banking sector: The

Minneapolis Star Tribune

reports that

Jim Campbell

will stay behind in Minnesota to show folks that the merged



Wells Fargo

still cares even as headquarters are being moved to San Francisco.

According to the


, "The simmering row between


and the

Monopolies & Mergers Commission

boiled over yesterday after two senior members of the commission publicly criticized the behavior of

Peter George

, Ladbroke's chief executive."


San Jose Mercury News'

Chris Nolan

has the scoop on this year's Agenda. "The high-profile, exclusive, high-tech conference held in Phoenix annually by IDG will be held without


(MSFT) - Get Report


Bill Gates

." Gates cited a prior engagement as a conflict. Perhaps a date with the

Department of Justice


Thomas Stephens

will be working like an ox -- Babe the Blue Ox -- as he takes on the role of CEO of Canadian lumber giant

MacMillan Bloedel


, according to the

Globe and Mail

If you think CEOs have to worry about the bottom line, think again. The

South China Morning Post

reports that things are getting cheeky between the

U.S. Coast Guard

and Seattle officials. The Coast Guard says that the average American behind is 46cm -- which is the standard allotment per person on the ferry between Seattle and a suburb. "But officials say the posterior standard has not kept pace with the expanding bottom line of citizens."