Tesla (TSLA - Get Report) CEO Elon Musk has gotten into all sorts of trouble using Twitter (TWTR - Get Report) , but his time on the platform could be ending after he tweeted early on Monday that he had deleted his account. 

Just deleted my Twitter account

— Daddy DotCom (@elonmusk) June 17, 2019

Musk also changed the handle of the account to Daddy DotCom, possibly a reference to Father's Day. But it is the same account Musk has used for years and all his past tweets were still visible as of Monday at noon, which shouldn't be the case if he had actually deleted his account, according to Twitter's information page on the topic

Musk's usage of Twitter had gotten him in hot water recently, with the SEC accusing him of violating a previous settlement to have his tweets reviewed for material information about the company. That settlement came after Musk inaccurately tweeted last year that he had secured enough funds to buy out existing shareholders and take his electric vehicle company private, and resulted in a $20 million fine as well as the loss of Musk's chairmanship for at least three years. 

Tesla shares were rising nearly 5% Monday, one of the faltering stock's strongest performances in months as a recent swoon sent the stock below the $200 per share level for the first time since 2016.

Tesla did not immediately return a request for comment for this story.