Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFII)

Citi 8th Annual Small/Mid Cap Conference Call

November 16, 2011 11:05 a.m. ET


Marc Olin - Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Professional Printing Software


Marc Olin

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With equipment, we do it with software. But we do it in what we feel is a unique way in helping to facilitate a number of the megatrends that are taking place within the printing industry today of shift from analog processes to digital processes. This can be analog printing to digital printing and analog manufacturing management to digital manufacturing management. And so the question I get when I talk to people aren’t familiar with EFI is, I am an investor, why should I get into software or equipment that’s associated to the printing industry.

Because you see various things about the printing industry that normally raise this concerns in people. You see, well, book stores are closing, the post office which is the primary delivery vehicle for printed material, it just announced today actually a $5.5 billion loss in their 2011 fiscal year, newspapers going away from print editions. You know when was the last time anybody used the phone directory. Millions and millions of phone directories printed before. So clearly the industry is under a lot of pressure

But what this also means is that the industry is transforming. Because there’s various parts of the printing industry that are actually very healthy and growing very quickly. And it’s this transformation that’s taking place that provides the significant opportunity for a company like EFI to be able to facilitate that transformation and really drive the change within the printing industry. Because with significant change comes significant opportunity.

Some of the examples of this. Restoration Hardware, a retailer, does a tremendous amount of business online. They just published their largest catalog in their history 560 pages. I don’t know if any of you have seen that before, but it’s like a inch and half thick. Because they saw the value in printed material to their clients. Studies have shown that internet use actually drives increases in magazine readership and vice versa, magazine readership is driving people to associated internet websites.

Outdoor advertising is one of the fastest growing means of advertising media, second only to the internet as a forum of advertising media and its growth. And you don’t typically think of that as printing, but those huge billboards and signs and all of the stuff that’s wrapped on the side of a building, that’s actually printed material. Printed in many cases using equipment supplied by EFI, as we are the leading provider of the wide format ink-jet devices that print the type of building wraps that you see on the screen here.

And lastly, even a company like Staples, you think of them, they are a office supply company. Well, one of their fastest growing businesses inside of Staples is their copy and print business. In 1600 stores now they have set up copy and print centers, that’s a platform that didn’t even exist ten years ago. And they are taking advantage of the ability to turn around documents very quickly, efficiently and with high quality color. In fact the document that you have there, the book on the table, I actually submitted online using our web technology. Staples is one of our customers and they use our website to set up an internet store front for all of their copy and print submission.

So I submitted that through the website, configured it, told it how I wanted the thing finished with the clear cover and the plastic bag, and how many copies I wanted printed. Within an hour I went down the street a mile, picked up those Staples -- the copies from there, brought them back. That’s the type of thing that ten years ago would not have been possible to do in an hour. That would have involved the trip there, discussion. The technology that we provide is key to helping facilitate that opportunity for a company like Staples and allow them to grow in this part of the industry.

Overall, the printing and packaging industry is a huge industry. It’s a trillion dollars worldwide. The business of printing and packaging. And that’s to the companies that provide those printing and packaging services that we are selling our technology. And it’s this technology and what we see as our ability to help these companies transform their businesses that has led to seven consecutive quarters of double digit growth for our business.

And EFI’s business is divided into these three sectors. What we call, Fiery, Inkjet and our application software which is the group I run. We will talk about them in some more depth later but you can see in Q3, 14% growth overall for the business as a whole. 9% for Fiery, 15% for inkjet and 36% for APPS. And it’s because again of our ability to help printing companies transform that we have been able to facilitate this growth. Looking at it on annual basis, the results also are even more dramatic. 19% through the first three quarters of this year, year-over-year growth. And within the business units you can see 18% for Fiery, all three business units up by double-digit growth levels.

And so what are the things within the industry actually changing, that are helping to drive the demand for our products. So the nature of the type of work that the printer are doing is changing. It’s becoming an on-demand world, everybody wants their stuff, tomorrow or today or within an hour. Just like last night I wanted my books produced within one hour. So I get them back here before the store closed and have them on the table for you this morning. And again that type of turnaround was not possible in the industry. In the past print jobs took a week, from the time you conceived them to the time you could get them delivered.

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