Video game company investors aren't playing around with Electronic Arts (EA) - Get Report

Shares of EA dipped Wednesday, but have since rebounded, after it was reported that the company was delaying the release of its highly anticipated "Anthem" video game until 2019. 

 Shares were trading at $114.64, off 0.02%, Thursday afternoon.

"Anthem" was first revealed at the E3 conference last year and was slated for release this fall, but the game's developer BioWare is still in the process of hiring people to work on the game, according to a recent job listing found by Gamer Rant

Electronic Arts shares have had a great run over the past 12 months, climbing more than 40% over that time period. The stock did have a hiccup during the start of the holiday shopping season but has since risen nearly 20%. 

Gamers are a vocal group and are active in online forums when developers and game studios do things they don't like. EA was the subject of much vitriol ahead of the release of another one of its highly anticipated titles, "Star Wars Battle Front II," after gamers found out about the title's in-game money-making aspect where players are forced to pay for special privileges in the game. 

EA was forced to remove those options just one day before the game's release. 

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