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DOT Might Fine Carriers

The agency is investigating airline scheduling practices.
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The Transportation Department has launched an investigation of airline scheduling practices that may lead it to issue fines against as many as eight carriers.

"We have regulations that prohibit unrealistic scheduling as a deceptive practice," Andrew Steinberg, assistant secretary for aviation and internal affairs said last week at a House Aviation Committee hearing on consumer issues.

"We want to understand how it is possible that a flight could be late 70% or 80% of the time, and that information not disclosed," Steinberg said.

The investigation involves two areas. One is unrealistic scheduling itself, which is prohibited by department regulations. The DOT interprets the rule as giving it the power to ban flights that are late more than 70% of the time, a spokesman said.

It's unclear whether the agency has approached the airlines about the investigation, but several carriers told

on Tuesday that they haven't been contacted so far.

"No carrier willingly operates late flights," said David Castelveter, spokesman for the Air Transport Association. "It's in the carrier's interest to give its customers a realistic expectation of the flight's arrival time."

The second issue being probed involves the failure of reservation agents to disclose, when asked, how often a flight is late. The disclosure is required by law when a customer requests the information.

A telephone survey by the DOT inspector general found that agents didn't provide the information in 41% of 160 calls to agents. The DOT may fine up to eight carriers as a result, the spokesman said.

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