In the past three months, shares of Boeing (BA) - Get Report have soared more than 16%, and the move is catching the eye of TheStreet's Jim Cramer.

"I am just pointing out that Boeing is, time and again, the leader in this market," Cramer said on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" on Tuesday.

Not only does Boeing come equipped with "huge cash flow," which Cramer called a big "determinant" in this quarter, but it also has other advantages.

"I have always felt that Boeing was the superior company vs. Airbus (EADSY) , but that Airbus is a subsidized institution. I think Boeing does it on sheer brains. I am very pro-Boeing," Cramer stated.

One possible bit of turbulence in Boeing's path, however, could be adverse trading conditions between the U.S. and China. President Donald Trump has made rumblings about pushing back against Chinese trade practices.

It would be "ill-advised to come down on the Chinese in terms of Boeing," Cramer noted. "I think Trump is interested in saving certain industries or bringing back manufacturing, but Boeing is the great manufacturer in this country."

Other industrials have moved higher as well, like Honeywell (HON) - Get Reportand United Technologies (UTX) - Get Report , catching Cramer's attention.

"I just think you have to stay focused on some of these plain old industrials which just keep delivering," Cramer stated.