Disney's Dilemma: Introduction

Introducing <I>TSC's</I> five-part series.
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Mickey Mouse is still Mickey Mouse, but


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is no longer the company it once was. The icon of American culture, which in its heyday regularly steamrolled Wall Street's expectations as it churned out top-notch entertainment, is struggling to redefine itself as an evolving society threatens to make its core business less relevant.

This five-part series, which runs through Friday, takes a look at the challenges facing Disney as it tries to reverse its recently flagging fortunes.

Wednesday, April 28

  • Part 1: Looking for the Missing Magic
  • Part 2: Cartoons in a Swoon

Thursday, April 29

  • Part 3: Kids Aren't Clicking With Mickey
  • Part 4: The Cynical Child vs. Snow White

Friday, April 30

  • Part 5: Viacom Unit Nicks Walt's Audience