Ready your wands. And your smartphones. 

The company behind the tremendously successful Pokémon Go augmented reality game is unveiling a new title for 2018 that follows the adventures of young wizard Harry Potter.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Niantic Labs will launch augmented reality game "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" in 2018. The title will be codeveloped by Time Warner Inc.-owned (TWX) Warner Bros. Interactive and its sub brand Portkey Games.

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Part of Niantic's enormous success with its Pokémon Go AR game stemmed from the fanatic following of Nintendo Co.'s (NTDOY) Pokémon characters. The Harry Potter franchise has an equally passionate fan base, suggesting "Wizards Unite" will be another smash hit for Niantic.

There aren't many details surrounding when the game will be released next year or what it will look like. TechCrunch reported that it will operate similarly to Niantic's Ingress augmented reality game.

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