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) -- The big news today, according to Jim Cramer on his

Stop Trading!

segment on CNBC, is

Exxon Mobil's

(XOM) - Get Report

purchase of natural gas producer

XTO Energy


for $41 billion in stock.

The Wall Street Journal

reported that XTO's CEO Bob Simpson will receive a total compensation of $170.8 million as a result of the deal. His stock is also valued at $352 million.

If Simpson were to have retired without selling the company, he would have walked away with only $6.5 million.

While this $170.8 million is sure to get investors up in arms, Jim Cramer said during his

Stop Trading!

segment that Simpson is entitled to the compensation.

"He built this company," Cramer said. "He created more value than anyone else I can recall in my life other than Warren Buffett. Let's make scoundrels out of the people who drove their companies down."

"Are we saying

Simpson should have retired without selling the company and let the stock drift?" Cramer continued. "We can't hate everyone who has done well. If you built a company and made a fortune, God love you."

Investors, according to Cramer, are also talking about


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, and if


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new smartphone, Nexus, will be a threat to its iPhone.

But while there has been much dissatisfaction with


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service, Cramer does not think the Google phone should cause Apple to go down.

"I like the way the stock is popping," Cramer said. "

The iPhone is the iPod of the future in terms of market share."

Cramer said eventually Apple will get other carriers -- especially if AT&T doesn't build more towers.

-- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.

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