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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- "When you get an unemployment number that bad, if you're not down 100 to 200 points, you're just not willing to sell," said Jim Cramer on CNBC's "Stop Trading!" segment on Friday.

One stock on the rise is

General Electric


, which received two analyst upgrades today. The Bernstein upgrade in particular is "very, very powerful," said Cramer. "There's a big turn going on."

He said that GE, which owns


, is "still very expensive on 2009 earnings but not on 2010."

Also on Cramer's radar is retailer

Urban Outfitters


, which he said is poised "to have the single best year over year" because of its consistent growth.

"These guys will look really good because even though they had good numbers last year, they're still going to do much better" this year, he said. "The stores are jammed, and they are exciting."

Next Cramer turned to the "huge, huge price war going on in insurance." He said it's "very clear that some companies are not going to make it," but that's not the case with



. "Travelers is the only one with the balance sheet to be able to survive this price war," he said.

He called the company the "best run" with a "fantastic portfolio" and said it's "head and shoulders over every other insurer in the country." Chairman and CEO Jay Fishman "is the greatest investor, and no one ever talks about it," said Cramer.

Turning to tech, Cramer said "everyone was shorting



," assuming it would miss the quarter, but President and CEO David Aldrich "delivered." Cramer called him "a monster good guy" and said Skyworks' guidance is "conservative."

-- Written by Rebecca Corvino in New York.