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NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- "My viewers are desperate to play Iraq," said Jim Cramer on CNBC's "Stop Trading!" segment. "People do believe there is an oil-based recovery that could last for years."

He credited host Erin Burnett's recent reporting in the country with exposing its potential, saying that many people were unaware of its economic structure. "I think people thought this was not a capitalist country," Cramer said.

Iraq receives "tremendous aid" from the U.S., said Cramer, but it could also be "very self-sufficient, with all the oil companies."

Cramer said he'd love to find a way to play the dinar, Iraq's currency. "I'm always a fan of buying the currency as a play," he said, and requests are rolling in to "Mad Money" for a way to own the dinar.

"How about an ETF to play the dinar?" he suggested. "That would really be the way to go." He predicted that the first ETF to offer such an opportunity "is going to get a lot of dollars in it."

Cramer turned to



, which reported a third-quarter earnings beat today. "When I go over their quarter," he said, "I think they're short-staffed."

"The next move they're going to have to make is to rehire," said Cramer. "They have stripped this company to the bone." He said that due to the weak dollar, Caterpillar will end up taking on more orders and be forced to rehire.

-- Written by Rebecca Corvino in New York.

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