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Cramer's 'Stop Trading!': Buy Cleveland-Cliffs

The mining company is better than Alcoa, Cramer says.

Buy Cleveland-Cliffs (CLF) - Get Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. Report, Jim Cramer said on CNBC's "Stop Trading!" segment Monday.

Cramer said he prefers the mining stock to


(AA) - Get Alcoa Corporation Report

, which reports earnings today after the close. "I'm glad to see the fluff come out of it a little," he said of Alcoa, but "it's my least favorite mineral stock. ... If you like Alcoa, go buy more Cleveland-Cliffs."

On news that hotelier

Starwood Hotels


plans on adding 54 new hotels and 20,000 rooms to its Sheraton brand, Cramer said, "If you really like it, go buy



, which is really just flat on its butt."

Cramer said he's skeptical of the hotel sector right now. "Maybe my issue is that we're kinda over-hoteled now," he said. "In New York, we're under-hoteled," he said, but he believes the other 49 states are another story. "I don't want to be in that group and I don't want to own the stock." He said that hotels in Nevada have "just been a disaster," and noted that gaming company

International Gaming Technology

(IGT) - Get International Game Technology Report

was down today.

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The Wall Street Journal

reported that

Washington Mutual

(WM) - Get Waste Management Inc. Report

should get $5 billion in financing.

"You better see that darn deal," Cramer said. "There better be $5 billion coming. ... This is why we're rallying." He said that short-sellers had managed to crack the stock. "I want to see the terms," he said. "We're all presuming the terms are great. Let's see what the terms are."



said today it was not opposed to getting bought by


(MSFT) - Get Microsoft Corporation Report

but that it felt the price should be fair.

Cramer noted that analysts had predicted a higher bid from Microsoft. "Why do they think

CEO Steven Ballmer is a joker? Ballmer has never postured in his life. He's a serious guy," he said. "Ballmer's from the exploding-offer school," Cramer said, referring to a strategy by which offers progressively decline as time goes on. "Ballmer thinks that the business has deteriorated." Cramer pointed out that Yahoo! has repeatedly missed earnings and sarcastically called CEO Jerry Yang a "super businessman."

At the time of publication, Cramer had no positions in any of the stocks mentioned.

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