Cramer's 'Stop Trading': Buy Apple

Jim Cramer declares during Friday's 'Stop Trading!' segment on CNBC to stick with Apple until the iPad hits stores.
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-- February's job report, which came in better-than-expected, is a good segue way into buying


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, which has a 4% yield, Jim Cramer said during Friday's

Stop Trading!

segment on CNBC.

Cramer also said investors need to start paying attention to

Baker Hughes


. The driller increased its U.S. rig count by 23%.

Cramer said the driller is "red hot," and is in a sector worthy of attention. "When you see this demand for drilling, they can raise prices," he said. "Earnings will be through the roof ... analysts are not keeping pace, and estimates are low."

Cramer declared


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to be another way to play the oil sector.

Cramer says the right time to trade


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is from right before it announces a new product through when the consumer has the product. Once the consumer has the product you sell, because it is at its peak.

Using that method, investors should own Apple from now until April 3, sell the stock right before the iPad hits the market, and then come back in when the press says it wasn't worth the hype, "because they will be wrong."

Cramer said the price of the iPad is reasonable and notes that it will have Wi-Fi, so you won't have to tether into


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"Corporations are readying for it. This is the biggest product Apple has ever had," Cramer said

Shifting sectors, Cramer noted that




International Paper

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are wonderful plays on container boards. When container boards are rampant, that means the economy is getting much better, Cramer argued, using it as a sign for the health of the economy.

Cramer also said that he is bullish on the economy as rail-card loadings, price of lumber, gold and copper are all going up. "All I ever hear about is everything is because of China," he said. "No, it's not just China. There are a lot of areas in the economy getting stronger."

Cramer noted that consumers are now going to

Home Depot

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and the retailers, and he says that a play on consumer spending where they aren't buying homes or big-ticket items is

American Express

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-- Reported by Jeanine Poggi in New York.

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