"I know that these are easily the most-hated people in America right now," said Jim Cramer on Wednesday's "Stop Trading!" segment on CNBC, referring to the bank CEOs being questioned today by a House of Representatives panel. "But these are the best we have in banking. They're smart guys, and I'm impressed" with their testimony.

Cramer said that it's people like former


CEO John Thain -- "the ones who blew it" -- whom we should blame, referring to the CEOs answering questions today as "survivors." "Are you going to have John Mack fired for saving

Morgan Stanley

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?" Cramer asked.

As for TARP, Cramer said the rules need to change. "Why don't they get rid of the rule that you can't

get out of TARP through earnings?," he said. "The rule is that you have to do it through equity. A place like


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could earn its way out of TARP, but they won't let 'em."

Switching gears, Cramer said that if viewers want to invest in natural gas, they should do it with


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, not


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. Jefferies made a big call on Devon today that Cramer said was "devastating" for the rest of the natural-gas space but not for Anadarko.

"Anadarko should stand out from the other natural gas companies," he said. "They were completely hedged."

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

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