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CheckFree Selling Billing Product

It's for large retailers.

CheckFree (CKFR) launched CheckFreePay Link, a billing product for large retailers.

The service securely transmits payment information to the billing company, allowing the retailers to accept payments at their existing point-of-sale terminals. Retailers benefit from simplified end-of-day reconciliation and eliminate the need to train specialized personnel. Billers benefit from revenue collection in electronic format that is easy to post on the same day or the next day.

CheckFreePay would enable the consumers to walk in to a retail location and pay more than 800 types of bills, including all mastercard and visa credit cards.

CheckFree's electronic bill presentment and payment solutions also allows billing companies to deliver more convenience and value to their customers so as to build loyalty and improve retention.

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"CheckFreePay Link leverages web services technology to transmit encrypted payment information, eliminating the need for stand-alone bill-payment terminals and facilitating employee training," the company said.

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