Celera Genomics


leapt 22% Thursday on news the biotechnology company had completed the sequencing phase of one person's genome and will now start to reassemble the fragments in the proper order.

The shares rose 25 5/8 to 140 5/8 after rising 58% on Wednesday. (Celera closed up 22, or 19%, at 137).

The company, based in Rockville, Md., has now effectively decoded 99% of a human being's genetic makeup, beating the

Human Genome Project

to the punch. Last week, the project, formed and funded by a group of international governments, said it had decoded two-thirds of human DNA.

"Now that we have completed the sequencing of one human being's genome we will turn our computational power to the task of ordering the human genome," said Craig Venter, president and chief scientific officer of Celera, in a statement. "This is expected to allow researchers worldwide and our subscribers to utilize our data to make important medical advances."

Celera is a unit of

PE Corp.