This bull market is getting old, but it isn't slowing down just yet.

According to analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the S&P 500 bull market is on track to continue in 2018, gaining 7% this year to trade to 2,850. Analysts forecast a 9% total return on the index, which rose 19% in 2017.

But there's one piece of information investors should heed carefully: This bull market now lays claim to the third-longest streak of time without a 5% drawdown since 1930. At 381 trading days without such a move, this bull market lags only those of 1994-1996 and 1963-1965.

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Snapping the streak would mean the S&P 500 needs to drop 135 points to about 2,555. But Goldman doesn't see that happening -- instead, analysts are predicting further gains for the index well into 2018 and beyond.

Earnings growth in the index is predicted to reach 12% in 2018 and 10% in 2019, Goldman noted. Additionally, Goldman said it continues to recommend firms with high-growth investment ratios. Growth far outpaced value by 15 percentage points in 2017, and companies with a focus on growing in 2018 are expected to reach a cash return on cash investment of 16% vs. the broader market's 11%.

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