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Shares of



soared after the online fashion and home furnishings retailer said it expects fourth-quarter revenue to grow about 90% from a year ago amid lower advertising costs and larger orders.

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Its shares were lately up 19 cents, or 42.86%, to 69 cents in trading on the


. Its shares have a 52-week low of 38 cents and a 52-week high of $15.98.

The New York-based company said Thursday it expects net sales to increase to about $5.77 million, up from $3.04 million in the same period last year.

Bluefly also said it expects gross margin for the fourth quarter of 2000 to exceed the 24% recorded in the fourth quarter of 1999. It also said it expects new-customer acquisition cost during the quarter to be "at its best level ever," and that the company will set records in average order size, revenue generated by repeat customers and the number of new customers acquired during the fourth quarter.