NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- An admission right up front: This Biotech Stock Mailbag has no educational value whatsoever. It's mindless fluff. A throwaway column. But with the disclaimer aside, I've been getting so much hate mail and nasty tweets lately, I thought it would be fun to throw a representative samper into a single column for funny Friday read. There's probably something deeper to be said about market psychology and what an uptick in hate mail means for biotech investor sentiment, but I'll leave the interpretations up to you. 

Let's start with some nasty tweets pertaining to my coverage of Provectus Pharmaceuticals (PVCT) . In particular, one tweep appears to enjoy playing with Photoshop:

This guy didn't like my column comparingMannKind (MNKD) - Get MannKind Corporation Report to Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA) - Get Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Report. I suspect he also commits most of the Seven Deadly Sins of Biotech Investing.

Let's get to the hate mail. Oh boy, my email inbox is on fire!

Steve L.:

cramer you should be ashamed of your self to have this guy still working for you, i'm sorry to say he is the worst of the worst advisor on any stock, he uses arna as an example, no class at all the guy is retarded, two different stocks to say the least, not only that he is one of the least liked people in the market, why do you still keep him around, why do you have to have a nothing but a doomsday analyst around?

I'm not editing any of the emails for grammar or spelling, by the way.

Denise D:

You are such a loser. Get over it. Al Mann kicked you in the gonads just like you deserved. You are a shill for the shorts and everyone knows it you loser.

Impressed she spelled "loser" correctly. Nine out of ten hate emailers spell it "looser."

Grim Reaper:

You are the sleaze of humanity. you are going to hell for eternity!

Frank H. 

re your article on MNKD, do you really think that diabetes remedy is the same thing as a fat pill?  You can short MNKD when they get FDA approval if you want, but this company has a long way to run after approval in my opinion.

Wayne K.

Please keep this blog handy, and publish a review 1 yr from now, along with the stocks performance year to date as well as your Maya Culpa!!

Mike J.

You will be judged t the gate for what you did to Provectus. Have a nice day, hate will kill you.  

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Lawson H.:

Adam  i would like to pick up some more pvct. soooo will you drive it down to .30 +- again. thanks again

Thomas S.:

I have been following your comments on the various press releases of the company Northwest Biotherapeutics for quite some time. It is obvious that you will respond almost reflexively to a message of the company - always negative. In my opinion you hurt with this "The" massive, because of this platform I'm used to reliable communications. Too clumsy and obvious it is that you have a more "private dispute" with NWBO is. Then put us ask the reason to open! From what Big Pharma You are lubricated? Please, sparing us in the future with comments in the way, that you give in the last four to five months. Professionalism is something else.

I'm cutting Thomas some slack because English is not his first language and he apparently used Google Translate to compose this email. Still, "From what Big Pharma You are lubricated?" is now my favorite question and worthy of being printed on a t-shirt. 

Ryan G.: 

You are truly a pathetic scam artist. It is absolutely sad to watch you manipulate the words of others and convince less-educated traders that the dribble spilling out of your mouth is the truth. I seriously hope you and your friends are making some sort of profit with your blatant lies, and if you are not then it is pathetic that you are doing it just for fun. Keep it up, I look forward to the day it all gets thrown back in your face.

R. Braman:

If you say you are not profiting from short selling or other investments, why don't you give NWBO a chance to prove their methods. Every time their stock goes up you have to come out with your unproven theory that they are lying to the general public, who in many cases, are praying for their success not for money but for survival. For those who are suffering, maybe the Germans will be the first to prove you wrong. I certainly hope so.

Tom G.:

How much money did you make when you shorted Provectus the last time, you piece of dung? Deal in facts. I'm a journalist. You're far from it.  You're a professional underminer who bases his "articles" on insulation and whatever you can pull out of your backside, other than that big stick. You make me sick.


You are the most arrogant, "stupid", A-hole I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Why don't you take a walk along a busy city street and step in front of a bus. You make no sense on any level. I bet there's a lot of people out there that would like to meet up with you for a "short" conversation. You are a complete waste of time. ARENA's launch in one year of BELVIQ rivals that of VVUS over a two year period. PLUS, AHOLE, ARENA has a pipeline with other potential uses of Lorcasin. You infuriating little bug.

Will S. 

Mr Feuerstein-Your relentless assault on Galena Biopharma is very disconcerting to me. That you haven't shorted Galena is hard to believe. You talk about Galena as though it's evil like ENRON.  You're insinuations have helped to trash the stock price even though no judgement has yet been made by the SEC. This stock has done nothing but go down since you attacked it. You're basically saying that Galena is guilty until proven innocent. Many shareholders have lost tons of money since you and others have started to bash the company. Just who is committing the crime here? Have you ever 
thought there's the distinct possibility that people's lives could be dramatically extended from Neuvax should it be approved. That's what you're messing with.  I ask that you please refrain from anymore attacks and let this play out.

We'll end with a tweet. Have a good weekend. I'm flying to Geneva to meet with my Swiss banker. 

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