Elvis Week is officially in full swing, and The King's loyal fans are flocking to his hometown of Memphis in record numbers as the 40th anniversary of Presley's untimely death occurs this Wednesday.

This year's Elvis Week is on track to draw a record crowd of up to 60,000 to Presley's Graceland estate, Graceland Holdings told Fox Business, with revenue jumping as much as 25% from all previous years.

That's a huge influx of cash for Presley's estate, which ranks as the number one ticketed attraction in Memphis for tourists. Graceland boasts the largest hotel to open in Memphis in 90 years and a $45 million entertainment complex home to restaurants, retail shops and a soundstage.

And The King's estate benefits from every ticket sold, hot dog eaten and t-shirt bought.

Elvis and the Presley estate aren't alone in the business of making money after a star's death.

Here are the top 10 earners --in reverse order--from beyond the grave. Rankings were established using pretax income generated from October 2015 through October 2016, according to Forbes.

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