) -- Popular searches on the Internet include Bernard Madoff as more details emerge about the disgraced Wall Street investor who ran the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.

Madoff's wife Ruth reveals details publicly for the first time in an interview on

60 Minutes

this Sunday. Madoff reveals what happened when her husband first admitted the Ponzi scheme to her and describes the couple's joint suicide attempt on Christmas Eve in 2008. The couple's son Andrew also gives his first interview on the subject on the same broadcast.

Barbara Walters recently interviewed Bernard Madoff for two hours at the North Carolina prison where he's currently serving his 150-year sentence. Though no cameras were present, Walters recounted to

Good Morning America

on Thursday that Madoff suffers from remorse and nightmares but is happier in prison than he has been in years.

"Truth and Consequences," a book written by Laurie Sandell on the Madoff scandal, will be published on Oct. 31.

Another top search is


after Swedish Automobile, the owner of Saab, announced a deal to sell the automaker to Chinese firms.

Partners Youngman and Pang Da will purchase 100% of Saab for €100 million. The Chinese companies must receive approval of Beijing authorities before the agreement can officially be completed, but it is expected to go through.

The deal came as a rescue to the struggling carmaker, which was on the brink of facing liquidation. Saab saw its Trollhaettan factory in Sweden shut down in April. Suppliers who had not been paid stopped delivering and the company's employees have had their salaries delayed for the past four months. The companies hope the influx of new funds will help Saab become competitive again within the industry.

"Redbox" is another popular topic. The DVD rental kiosks, famous for renting out DVDs for only $1 per day, will soon offer the same service for a higher price.


(CSTR) - Get Report

, the owner of Redbox, announced in its latest quarterly report that it will raise the rental price of standard DVDs by 20% to $1.20 per day beginning on Monday. There will be no price increase on renting Blu-ray discs, which are currently offered for $1.50 per day, or video games, which are $2 per day.

Redbox tested the price increase in several cities over the past year and predicted only a modest decline in DVD rentals once the increase officially goes into effect. CoinStar said it is raising the prices to offset costs related to higher DVD expenses and debit card transactions.

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