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Banks to Get Guidelines for TARP Exit

Banks could be told Wednesday by U.S. officials how they can repay taxpayer bailout funds, reports say.

U.S. officials could reveal Wednesday guidelines for how banks can repay taxpayer bailout funds, published reports say.

One key condition is expected to be that banks are able to participate in the credit markets without the help of other government programs, such as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s debt guarantee program,


reports, citing sources.

The FDIC program allows firms to borrow money relatively inexpensively. Banks have $332.5 billion of debt outstanding under this program, which began last fall, according to the

Wall Street Journal


The guidelines being set by the government signal a potential turning point in the financial crisis, with the government and some banks beginning to unwind federal involvement in the industry, the

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The U.S. is expected Thursday to reveal the results of its stress tests on 19 major U.S. financial companies. The bank stress test results will provide details on the banks that are in need of more capital.