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Recent Awards

One of the "50 Best Financial Websites"
Voted by Money magazine in the October 15, 2000 issue


One of the Top 10 Websites for investors

Listed in


on October 23, 2000


1999 Front Page Award for "Internet Breaking Business News"

Awarded by the Newswomen's Club of New York


1999 National Magazine Awards for General Excellence in New Media

Awarded by the American Society of Magazine Editors


1999 Excellence in Financial Journalism Award

Awarded by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants

TheStreet Recommends


1998 Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards competition

Magazine/Specialty Publications category


1998 HotShots awards for Best Financial News Publication

Awarded by the Software & Information Industry Association in the News

"For several years,

, an excellent U.S. Web site (, has set the standard for quality independent sites."


National Post, June 10, 2000.

"Given the volcanic nature of today's financial markets, waiting to get your news from tomorrow's paper could be a costly mistake. If you would like an early warning system to provide and analyze breaking news, is required reading...."

Gold Star Sites,

Yahoo Internet Life, April 1, 2000.

"...Domestic and international stock news, portfolio tools, and the Net's most insightful and unbiased commentary."

100 Best Sites for 2000, Yahoo! Internet Life, January 2000

A feature in Brill's Content looks at Adam Lashinsky's coverage of the Webvan IPO roadshow and asks, "What are companies not telling the average investor? A lot, to judge from a controversial recent story in"

Brill's Content

, January 2000

Executive recruiter Jeff Christian, who placed Lucent executive Carly Fiorina as the new CEO of Hewlett-Packard, lists as a favorite Web bookmark:

", -- When you work for FORTUNE 500 companies, keeping in touch with their standing in the markets is just as important as understanding their culture."

Fortune magazine

, November 8, 1999

", -- The Wall Street Journal for the 21st century. Aggressive reporting on biotech, mutual funds, the Fed and tech, including the pen of part-owner Jim Cramer. Tripled on its IPO debut, sparking much journalistic envy."

100 Best Web Sites,

P.O.V. Magazine

, November 1999

" has the best online financial journalism around."

The Top 100 Web Sites,

PC Magazine

, November 1999

" has been placed in our top 10 for the past two years....A more diverse source of opinion, market data, tools and input from other investors...."

'Net Gains for Investors,

Barron's, October 25, 1999

"An irreverent, well-reported look at business news."

Rolling Stone

, June 10, 1999

(From a list of Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz's favorite Web sites)

"...a high-spirited Internet company that combines fast-paced market commentary and analysis with investors' insatiable appetite for timely, sophisticated information"

USA Today

, May 12, 1999

Article may be purchased from

USA Today


"If you want your market commentary with attitude, try

...This popular new media site is loaded with well-written market commentary..."

Getting Started in Online Investing

, by David L. Brown and Kassandra Bentley

Published by John Wiley & Sons

"...Written for the serious investor who is looking for breaking news and sophisticated, sassy discussion of market and corporate trends and events."

The Washington Post

, August 23, 1998

This article may be purchased from

The Washington Post


"...the Web's best for investment analysis"

The New York Times

, August 6, 1998

"...loaded with cutting edge analysis of the latest trends on Wall Street"

Time Online

, August 4, 1998

"...must-read Web site"


, July 27, 1998


is out to make people as passionate about the Wall Street Bulls as they are about the Chicago Bulls."

Wired News Online

, July 7, 1998

"...this upstart has often outflanked more established rivals such as

The Wall Street Journal


Investor's Business Daily

as a place to find aggressive reporting and in-the-know coverage."


, Bonus Internet Issue 1998

"In-your-face financial journalism...skip Starbucks and go straight to one of Cramer's rants to get the blood flowing in the morning."

Fortune Technology Buyer's Guide

"The amount of coverage can sometime seem like an avalanche"

, Summer 1998