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It may be my fondness for those

Ray Harryhausen

monsters in

Clash of the Titans

, or maybe I'm still mourning the closing of that Broadway fave

Side Show

, but this


is surely worth a thousand words! Script a more fitting caption for this

South China Morning Post

pic and garner yourself a hat fit for either one of these talking heads. Send entries to

before 12:00 midnight! Winners will be announced Tuesday.



reports that, "The public row over a reduction in German interest rates is intensifying and is expected to dominate events on the markets this week."

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San Jose Mercury News'

Adam Lashinsky may know how to look for tech stocks during a slump, but does he realize that the term "safe haven" is a bit redundant? Lashinsky looks for some "safe havens" in the tech sector.


Indianapolis Star

reports that recent turmoil in the financial markets has delayed the IPOs of two Indianapolis companies:

Chautauqua Airlines

, a regional commuter service for

U.S. Airways

, and

Monument Realty

, a real estate company specializing in automobile-related properties.


Boston Globe

could inspire a whole new slew of lawyer jokes with its latest headline, "Downloading a Lawyer." The paper takes a look at some new software that can offer legal advice for a fraction of the cost.

Elections are shaking things up all over the world, but according to the

Sydney Morning Herald

, "The ownership of some of Australia's biggest companies could change thanks to Saturday's election result. Big-bank mergers are back on the agenda, analysts say. The sell-off of


could continue and media ownership is sure to attract attention during the next three years."