Apple is still impressive.

Going into Apple's (AAPL) - Get Report quarter, one would think the company sold zero iPhones and was headed down the road of General Electric (GE) - Get Report (a value trap investment). Those fears, as is often the case with Apple, proved to be ridiculously overblown. Apple impressed on multiple financial fronts but it was the performance of the executive team that got my attention.

CEO Tim Cook easily shot down any worries on the iPhone on the earnings call. He clearly articulated that Apple's service revenue stream was becoming a key offset to slowing hardware sales. Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri signaled component cost inflation was nearing a peak (should be good for profit margins in six months). And then there was the $100 billion stock buyback, sending a message to investors (including Warren Buffett) that the stock is probably undervalued based on what the tech giant is working on internally.

All in all, an awesome performance that should shut the bears up ... for now.    

Tesla Disaster Lurks

TheStreet will be all over Tesla's (TSLA) - Get Report earnings report Wednesday evening faster than you can say "clueless big-thinking electric car CEO." TheStreet will be conducting a live blog of Tesla's earnings at 4 p.m. ET. The company's expected earnings call disaster will begin at 5:30 p.m. Ahead of the results, TheStreet ran this rather opinionated post from one of our Tesla experts. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, this Tesla analysis we published earlier in the week from Mark B. Spiegel at Stanphyl Capital has received 1,900 retweets on my personal account. Per the usual, Tesla is a lightning rod for attention.  

Dope of the Day Award

The "Jolt: Finance Dope of the Day" award is being awarded to two fat-cat CEOs. First is J Sainsbury (JSAIY) CEO Mike Coupe. The balding Coupe was caught on a hot mic singing "We're in the money" ahead of an interview to discuss his company's deal for Walmart's (WMT) - Get Report Asda business this week. Coupe is now being shredded on Twitter for being the poster child for everything wrong in the corporate world -- overpaid CEOs that care little for the common man. Coupe is pulling in a cool $1 million plus a year in salary; the average Sainsbury store employee earns  a mere $18,000 or so. Let this be a reminder to all public faces: Say nothing in that one minute before a live TV interview.

Next up on the award podium is Snap (SNAP) - Get Report founder/CEO Evan Spiegel, a frequent target in the Jolt newsletter. Said Spiegel on the company's earnings call Tuesday evening as the stock was crashing after an ugly first-quarter reveal: "While we had an average of 191 million daily active users in Q1, our March average was lower, but still above our Q4 average." Did anyone proofread this earnings call script? You bury that comment on March being weak at the very bottom or pair it up with a clear positive forward indicator. All Spiegel did was say to investors that Snap didn't grow users in March while people were pissed off with the data giveaway firm known as Facebook (FB) - Get Report . Once again, Spiegel has to get a clue and phone the local CEO search firm -- time to get a pro in the C-suite.  

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