Trade-ins of Apple (AAPL) - Get Report iPhone 8 and other smartphones are surging ahead of the tech titan's release of the iPhone X.

There has been "an unusually high number" of the iPhone 8 trade-ins, with more trade-ins of the 8 and 8 Plus received than any other prior newly released iPhone, according to tech recycling site

"Following the recent Apple launch, all the buzz and excitement has been around the iPhone X," said CMO Liam Howley. "The iPhone 8 has perhaps been less well received than previous handsets from what we're being told in the tech press and we're now actually seeing that for ourselves, through our own customers' trade-ins." 

Additionally, with the iPhone X expected to commence shipments shortly, Decluttr is projecting even more devices from a range of models will be traded-in.

The recycling site indicates that at present, consumers are now at the most advantageous position to trade-in their older devices.

"Consumers looking to trade-in their old device ahead of upgrading can get up to 30 percent more if they trade-in prior to the October 27 pre-order date of the iPhone X," Decluttr found.

Here are some the current trade-in values for devices in good condition:

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"Customers have obviously decided that they would prefer to sell the iPhone 8 while its value is at its highest, up to $630 for the 8 Plus, and put the money towards the new iPhone X which will cost $999," Howley added. "Once a new phone enters the top of the market, all older phones will drop in price." 

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