It's do or die time for stocks. 

The market hasn't done squat since early April. It's as if investors are waiting to see how Apple's (AAPL) earnings and this week's Federal Reserve meeting shake out before deciding to overweight cash or dabble in high-growth names again.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch's technical strategist Stephen Suttmeier makes a good point: The mid April peak near 2718 is key resistance ahead of 2741-2750 (3/22 downside gap) and 2789-2802 (late Feb/mid Mar peaks). If the bulls cannot take charge given a positive indicator weight of the evidence and break 2718 resistance, we cannot rule out an undercut to 2469-2462 given the February to March rising or bearish wedge completed on March 19."

If Apple doesn't smash profit estimates and reveal a big capital allocation plan, investors could be spooked. 

What's Hot 

Want to know what's hot? Everything on TheStreet's site. First up is TheStreet dipping into our roots of more than 20 years and bringing back some edgy, in-your-face commentary/analysis on the biggest companies around. Reconnecting with our successful roots (you should see the journalism awards hanging in our boardroom, it's impressive stuff -- we are fresh off a 2017 SABEW win in the banking/finance category, too) is a personal mission of mine, and I am very glad to have our new Real Money Executive Editor Daria Soloveiva in the trenches with me helping on this effort. She rocks -- we are about to drop the hammer on competitors, trust me. Here is Mark B. Spiegel of Stanphyl Capital taking Tesla (TSLA) to task ahead of earnings. You can follow Mark on Twitter here.

On the reporting front, Cigna (CI) CEO David Cordani told me the company has had "positive" interactions with the Trump administration on getting its big Express Scripts (ESRX) deal passed. This deal, and the one between CVS (CVS) and Aetna (AET) , are way more important than AT&T (T) /Time Warner (TWX) because these combined companies could fundamentally transform how we all consume healthcare in the future. If the deals don't get regulatory approval, it could stunt the transformation the sector badly needs to hopefully contain rising healthcare costs.

Programming reminder: TheStreet will be live-blogging Action Alerts PLUS holding Apple's earnings immediately after the close, followed by the analysis pieces you need on the most important company in the market. So bookmark our site, thanks. Yours truly will be providing live analysis of the results on Periscope. You can follow here. Game on. 

Wall Street Around the Web 

China's HNA Group reportedly has scuttled a bid to buy Anthony Scaramucci's Skybridge Capital. "The Mooch" will return to his old position as a co-managing partner focused on marketing. What this means: even more TV appearances by Scaramucci as he talks his firm's book. No word on whether he is long the current U.S. dollar rally.

The cartoonish CEO known as Elon Musk will reportedly field questions by Tesla (TSLA) retail investors via Twitter after the company's earnings on Wednesday evening. Seems like a safe bet for Musk: Most of his retail investors who own one share and have two Twitter followers are extreme fans of the company. Tesla could lose $10 billion in a quarter and the Musk faithful will be happy the company didn't lose $20 billion; they will  somehow spin that into a positive story. Musk should take a question from @BrianSozzi.