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Analyst Rankings: Taking a Look at Internet Software and Services

This week's sector spotlight shines on the top three analysts: Henry Blodget, Lanny Baker and Mary Meeker.
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Today we begin the second part of our presentation of the results of our

Analyst Rankings -- Equity 2000

. Last week we

highlighted the survey results and posted a series of stories about the

state of the analyst industry.

This week we begin our weekly series spotlighting the winners of more than 40 industry categories as well as a handful of economics and strategy categories. Every Tuesday we will focus on a category -- e.g., retailing, oil services or biotechnology -- and present "report cards" on the winning analysts. We'll interview these top analysts for their industry outlook and favorite stock picks. Then we ask you, the reader, to vote on those picks in our weekly poll.

The Winners

By name By category By firm Best stock pickers Best firms

We're kicking off the series with's

top-ranked analysts in Internet software and services. This category comprises companies developing and marketing Internet software and/or providing Internet services, including online databases and interactive services, Web address registration services, and database construction and Internet design services. Examples are

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. We profile the top three analysts in this sector, though we mention the other top placers here along with the best research team.

Click here to see a calendar of the categories we will feature in the weeks ahead.

Click here to see the stories in this series that have already appeared on our site.

Internet Software and Services

Rate Their Stock Picks: Which stock do you like best? Blodget/Baker AOL Meeker* Yahoo! * Blodget and Baker each gave us their top stock pick. For Meeker's pick, her firm identified Yahoo! as a stock on her list of stocks expected to outperform others in the industry.

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