American Airlines plans a one-week test of a new a la carte snack option that would allow passengers to buy water for $2 a bottle.

The Dallas-based unit of



said the test snack options include Klondike Movie Bites ice cream, Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Lay's Stax Crisps or Twix '4 To Go' candy bars for $3. Dannon bottled water will be $2 each, American said.

The a la carte test is in addition to the complimentary beverage service, which remains unchanged, and the existing Food on Board fresh service available on American Airlines flights.

A recent survey conducted by American showed 78% of respondents said they would be interested in purchasing individual items for sale onboard the aircraft.

The a la carte test will be available on selected Dallas-Los Angeles, Dallas-Miami and JFK-San Francisco routes through Sunday.

"American Airlines is engaging our customers through this one-week test to determine if they want a la carte snack items as part of our Food on Board program," said Tim McMahan, American's Manager of Menu Planning & Development. "Regularly testing food and beverage options in flight gives us the opportunity to obtain direct customer and flight attendant feedback regarding our Food on Board offerings."