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Men's clothing designer Antonio Brown thinks brands and designers need to adapt to the Amazon Inc. (AMZN) model. or sink.

Brown's goal? To swim, and swim circles around the competition. 

"Amazon is creating a competitiveness in the marketplace that's pushing designers and brands to step their game up," Brown told TheStreet on Thursday, Sept. 14, when he showcased his latest work at Bloomingdale's (owned by Macy's Inc. (M) ) in New York City at an event for clothing line LVL XIII, of which the singer Jason Derulo is a spokesman.

Brown's brand, whose customers are males age 18 to 35 earning $100,000 plus a year, has always been e-commerce-based, and he says he's learned a lot from Amazon about one-and-done distribution and customer service. One Antonio Brown piece in the collection dominated by black, white and gray solids and a camouflage pattern is a jacket that can be converted into a backpack.

"Competitiveness always allows brands to elevate their business and grow, and they are going to sink or swim. If it's a great brand that understands change in the marketplace they are going to swim because they evolve with the change and their business is a reflection of that change."

Meanwhile, at the event Jason Derulo says the new Apple (AAPL) iPhone is too pricey.

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