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Author: provides you, individual and professional investors, with timely, to-the-point financial news and analysis you can use to succeed in today's markets. Updated before, during and after the bell by the best independent financial newsroom on the Web, our stories put you on the trading floor with some of the best financial minds in the business.

Count on us to always call it like we see it -- with a fresh point of view even if it invites controversy. We're quick to identify when the playing field isn't level, such as reporting the tangled relationships among companies, the underwriters that help fund them and the analysts who rate them. And we have one of the most stringent policies in financial journalism on conflicts and disclosure, so we have no hidden agendas.

In the end, though, what sets us apart is our passion -- for Wall Street, and for bringing you inside Wall Street with those key insights that drive successful investment strategies. It's this passion that unifies our site ... and our community of readers.

  • -- Our free hub is an individual's guide to Wall Street -- how it works and how to make it work for you. Includes:
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  • Insightful commentary challenges you to think in new -- often money-making -- ways.
  • Personal finance stories and tools help you evaluate your portfolio and plan for the future. -- Our subscription site for active investors and market enthusiasts puts you at the heart of the financial world, with real-time analysis and unprecedented access to such award-winning columnists as James J. Cramer, Herb Greenberg, Helene Meisler, Jim Seymour and Gary B. Smith. Try it free for 30 days. Includes:

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  • Up-to-the-minute commentary and analysis on many industry sectors, and non-stop market coverage by the web's most sophisticated and sometimes sassiest columnists. Don't miss the articles by Semiconductor Ace Tom Kurlak, our newest contributor
  • Trading Track: Real-time e-journal, updated throughout the day, of the thoughts and plays of outspoken market professionals, now with spirited debate from Doug Kass.
  • Cramer's Action Alerts: Quick takes containing real-time investing ideas from Jim Cramer.
  • Cramer's Personal Portfolio:Cramer's picks, shares owned, basis, current value and gains bought and sold on a day-to-day basis.
  • Todd Harrison's Trading Diary: Real-time account of the hedge-fund partner's thoughts and plays -- updated throughout the trading day.
  • Columnist Conversation: Message board where our columnists provide their take on the market and debate the meaning of the day's news.
  • Exclusive online chats: Your real-time access to our columnists.
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