As Hurricane Harvey became Tropical Storm Harvey it continues to devastate the Houston area with record-breaking rainfall of as much as 50 inches once all is said and done, the storm could snag a spot as one of the worst flooding disasters to ever happen in the U.S.

Flooding disasters have claimed thousands of lives in the U.S., but any flood in American history doesn't even rank among the top 50 of the world's worst floods. Here's a look at the 10 worst floods in the world and five of the nastiest in the U.S. as Harvey continues to pound the Gulf of Mexico.

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Around the World:

10. North Sea Flood, 1212
This flood in the Netherlands claimed as many as 60,000 lives and required years to recover.

9. St. Lucia's Flood, 1287
Another Netherlands disaster, this flood killed between 50,000 and 80,000. A high spring tide mixed with a low-pressure system and a European wind storm becasme a recipe for disaster.

8. Yangtze River Flood, 1911
Up to 100,000 were killed in a flooding of the longest river in Asia.

7. Red River and Hanoi Delta Flood, 1971
100,000 people died in the flood that took place during the Vietnam War.

6. St. Felix Flood, 1530
In another Netherlands killer, over 100,000 people died and entire cities were completely under water.

5. Yangtze River Flood, 1935
This flood in China killed 145,000 and brought malaria, dermatitis and tuberculosis throughout the river valley.

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4. Banqiao Dam Failure, 1975
The Chinese dam failed as a result of Typhoon Nina. 86,000 people died in the initial flood, followed by 145,000 who were killed by subsequent disease.

3. Yellow River Flood, 1938
Between 500,000 and 800,000 people were killed in this act of environmental warfare. The Chinese Nationalist Government destroyed the dikes on the river to hold back Japanese enemies in the Second Sino-Japanese War.

2. Yellow River Flood, 1887
Estimates fall between 900,000 and 2 million deaths as a result of the Chinese flood that came in September following a spring and summer of heavy rainfall.

1. China Flood, 1931
The deadliest flood ever, this monster took between 1 million and 4 million lives. A two-year-long drought followed by heavy winter snowstorms, rainy spring and summer months and unusually high cyclone activity led to what most consider to be the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded with associated famine taken into account.

Some of the Worst the U.S. Has Ever Seen:

5. Hurricane Camille Flooding, 1969
Camille struck the Gulf of Mexico as a Category 5 storm in August, killing about 260 people, before moving inland through Appalachia and triggering flash flooding across the eastern seaboard.

4. Mississippi River Flood, 1927
After killing around 500 people, this flood left as many as 600,000 homeless. Effects stretched from Louisiana to Illinois.

3. Hurricane Katrina Flooding, 2005
Katrina is widely recognized as the most expensive U.S. storm, totaling $81 billion and impacting about 15 million people. Flooding after the hurricane left as much as 80% of New Orleans underwater.

2. Johnstown Flooding, 1889
This disaster struck when the South Fork Dam failed and released 20 million tons of water into a Pennsylvania town. More than 2,200 people died.

1. Galveston Flood, 1900
A late-summer hurricane hit the Texas coastline, prompting a flood that took as many as 8,000 lives.

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