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A Celebration of American Ideals

It was on this very day in 1886 that

President Grover Cleveland

presided over the inauguration of

Lady Liberty

. To celebrate,

Articles Elsewhere

takes a look at some all-American businesses and business lessons on this 112th birthday of the Statue of Liberty.

Floyd Hall

, chairman of the great American institution known as



, has analysts whispering about possible alliances with several grocery retailers, including





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. In the

Detroit Free Press


Dreams, Reality

It was supposed to be the "Slavic Silicon Valley," but the reality of Troitsk, Russia, is nothing like the American dream. Writer David Filipov of the

Boston Globe

reports that the town was supposed to be "a mecca of high-technology trade that would ignite a boom in Russia's post-Communist economy." It's not.

Power to the People

Democracy and e-commerce in action! The

Los Angeles Times

reports that although the Internet's role in campaigning is still limited, "when it comes to online electioneering, few candidates have been as aggressive as

Sen. Barbara Boxer

(D-CA), who has bought more banner ads, fired off more e-mail updates and collected contributions from more cyber-citizens than almost any other candidate nationwide."

Gettysburg, Take Two?

An interview with

James P. Hoffa

in the

Detroit Free Press

reveals his campaign plans and that "the union is in a civil war right now. It has been hopelessly divided, brother against brother, sister against sister. I'm going to unite the greatest union in the country..."


Tobacco and lawsuits. Two American tastes that taste great together. According to the


, Martin Broughton, chairman of


, makers of

Lucky Strike

cigarettes, said yesterday the tobacco industry could reach a settlement with U.S. state attorneys-general in the Medicaid cases "within a few weeks."

O Pioneers!


Dallas Morning News

reports that

Pioneer Natural Resources

(PXD) - Get Pioneer Natural Resources Company Report

yesterday posted a third-quarter loss of $43.9 million, "another sign of the deepening downturn in the Oil Patch."

And in the "Pursuit of Happiness" Category...

I've heard of biting the hand that feeds you, but this is ridiculous! The


reports that "a Zambian angler choked to death when a fish he had caught slipped down his throat as he tried to bite its head -- a local method used to kill fish. Villagers found his body with a stick dangling from his mouth."

Watch Your Feet

There's always room for more


and more fondue? Robert Wohlfahrt, inventor of the Swiss Cheese Watch, has been left with mounds of melted cheese but no watches after a fire swept through his factory, "reducing his merchandise to heaps of scorched goo," according to the

South China Morning Post