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The video this transcript is based on appeared on November 21.

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Volkswagen of America CEO Jonathan Browning says the first fully electric Volkswagen for the U.S. market will go on sale in late 2014 and that Audi will likely continue its luxury market dominance.


Volkswagen a showing of its first fully electric car for the US market at the Los Angeles Auto Show,joining us from LA it looks like in America CEO Jonathan Browning.Jonathan it's great to see you again. Now you've got the e-golf of set togo on sale in the fourth quarter of next yearhow would you differentiate yourself from what appears to be a crowded marketin the electric vehicle space?

I think care what are the advantages ofreally taking our time to come to market is to be able to perfect a number ofelements at the vehicle and so, this is a vehicle with a theoretical range of 100 miles were probably inregular driving conditions between 70 to 90, but itit's got a 10 percent more efficient conversion energy into the driving behavior then its nearestdirect rival I meet also fast its charge soa great combination in terms of daily use vehicle.

Talk a little bit about thecross blue coupe SUV concept that you've gota five hundred and seventy mile range is a hybrid what else would offer?

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We're focusing on the compact and the midsize SUV and for the midsize SUV a seven-c_ derivative and the one we're showing today is a concept a 5 door this is a vehicle that really brings together a sporty dynamic driving as well as a very functional vehicle and it looks great.

And now you're also showing off the xl1 futuristic concept vehicle well we start to see some of the features on anything you want they'll next year coming out at this a concept car?

Well, the XO what is really I technology work horse, it really takes a number of technologies to the extreme and generates in the European calculation of cycle fuel economy up to 260 miles per gallon ok for me quite in the US to run two hundred miles per gallon so really phenomenal fuel economy but that requires really exceptional leading all cutting edge technology and material usage so it's not really practical from a day-to-day point of view but using those technologies using that insight using that process application will enable at delivering greater fuel economy across our portfolio going forward.

Now here we are a closing out 2013 at the Audi brand continuing to do very very well beating BMW and Mercedes how do you maintain that momentum going into 2014 and throughout next year?

Well across a group all of our focus is on first and foremost getting the right vehicles into the market for the segments that each other brands competing on. So that before philosophy is very much the same different priorities at different times but ID is launching the A3 range you know over the course of in the coming months and that will really drive a whole new access of customers to the Audi brand and enable no significant growth for as we move towards our objective for the Audi Brand of 200,000 vehicles Jonathan thanks so much for your time we look for to seeing you in Detroit in January

That was Jonathan Browning Volkswagen of America CEO.

--Written by Ruben Ramirez in New York.