The markets fluctuated before moving lower after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's first news conference as the two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting wrapped up, and as housing sales rebounded in February.

Here are three top takes from the columnists of Real Moneyand Real Money Pro, our premium site for active investors:

Jim Cramer: Why You Can't Write Off FANG

"Do you know why you can't write off FANG?," asks Jim Cramer. "Because they are dynamic institutions, ones that don't sit still. The bears view them as static, which is why all of the demise stories prove premature." 

Tip-Off Time for Real Money's 'Sweet 16' Stock Selections

Our columnists select 16 great stocks and trades in honor of March Madness.  Herewith, the third four.

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Insider Buying Alerted Me to These Stocks

Real Money Pro columnist Bret Jensen writes that he often finds "insider buying in small- and mid-cap stocks can be a huge 'tell' and it is a key trait I look for when trying to find new, attractive opportunities" in that space.

He found three names that he recently initiated a position in or is adding to core stakes, "partly as the result of new insider buying."