We're at the beginning of a bear market, there's no point denying that. The Dow Jones, the S&P 500, and the Russell 2000 are all in correction territory. You can still find good places to put your money, however, but it may take a little more effort to sort through the data. Fortunately, TipRanks makes that last part easy - by assembling all of the top-rated analysts' reviews in one database and offering the tools and filters to sort through the stocks and the data.

Today we'll look at three stocks that show potential as investments, with strong analyst reviews and firm business foundations.

Adobe, Inc.

We all know Adobe. If you've ever opened a PDF, you've used an Adobe product, and their photoshop program is an industry leader in image editing. Adobe is a major player in high-tech, and a survivor of the 90s dot.com bubble. It's also proven to be a lucrative long-term investment, up $47 per share year to date, despite some recent slipping, a gain of 26%.

Adobe has built its success by providing a suite of tech products that business users need. The PDF file allows for secure transfer of documents; the Flash format is ubiquitous online; Photoshop and InDesign are essential tools for graphic designers. While there are similar products out there, no other company offers as wide a range as Adobe. And even better, Adobe can do it all on the cloud at a great price point.

At the same time, Adobe just reported a miss on the Q4 earnings. The Dec 13 report showed quarterly revenue of $2.46 billion, with an EPS of $1.37. Wall Street had been expecting better, however, predicting a $1.88 EPS. Adobe reported that October's Marketo acquisition added $21 million to the quarterly revenues. Forward guidance from the company suggests Q1 total revenue of $2.54 billion and EPS of $1.60. Both numbers are lower than the analyst predictions for Q1.

So, Adobe had a good quarter, although not as good as investors had expected. The company is profitable, and in the words of CEO Shantanu Narayen, "In 2018 we made significant investments across our product portfolio, entered new markets, and made strategic acquisitions which we believe will fuel continued top and bottom-line performance."

Brent Bracelin of KeyBanc, agreed with Adobe's CEO. He set a $282 price target on the stock, for a 25% upside, and said that he was "impressed by the strong free cash flow profile of Marketo that exceeded $1B for the first time in a given quarter."

Writing at Jefferies, Brent Thill also took a bullish note, saying, " (ADBE) - Get Report saw strength across all products and geos, including net new Creative Cloud subs, emerging markets, education and gov't verticals, Adobe Stock and Sign, Acrobat, analytics, and Magento e-commerce."

A cautionary note came from Brian Schwartz of Oppenheimer, who put a 'hold' on ADBE. In his comments, he said, "Adobe's business remained strong in its F4Q with results mostly ahead of consensus estimates. On balance, the Marketo acquisition integration expenses and negative FX cause a downward revision to EPS guidance."

Overall, the analysts are bullish on ADBE. The stock has 13 reviews since Dec 12, including 9 'buys' and 4 'holds.' That gives an analyst consensus of 'Moderate Buy,' and the $289 average price target implies 28% upside potential from the current share price of $224.

FedEx Corporation

Like Adobe, FedEx (FDX) - Get Report offers customers a necessary service. Package delivery may seem mundane, and in this age of wireless data transfers and internet downloads it may also seem quaint, but there are still plenty of times when you simply must get a physical object into another person's hands. FedEx will do that for you, on time and on budget.

Of course, just having an essential product is no guarantee of perpetually rising profits. FedEx's most recently quarterly report, for Q2 FY19, just missed the EPS, showing $4.03 compared to the expected $4.05. The year-ago EPS was $3.18.

So, it was not a wide miss. Market analysts mostly kept their bullish outlook, while acknowledging that FedEx is facing pressures. Typical is the comment from Cowen's Helane Becker, who said, "[T]he company cited global macro concerns, including a weakening in Europe and China, and is taking steps by reducing capacity, cutting costs, and raising rates." She set her price target at $242, implying 29% upside for FDX.

The 'company concerns' noted by Becker refer to a statement by FedEx CEO Frederick Smith. Speaking of increasingly difficult conditions in trade and business over the last three months, Smith said, "Most of the issues that we are dealing with today are induced by bad political choices. I mean, making a bad decision about a new tax; creating [a] tremendously difficult situation with Brexit.... the mercantilism and state-owned enterprise initiatives in China; the tariffs that the United States put in unilaterally."

Still, FedEx received 10 'buy' ratings on Dec 19. The analyst consensus is a 'Moderate Buy,' reflecting the uncertain times, but the average price target of $227 gives an impressive 39% upside potential to the stock. FDX currently trades at $162 per share.

Dave & Buster's Entertainment, Inc.

Dave & Buster's (PLAY) - Get Report takes a different approach to turning a profit. This company offers affordable leisure. Where Adobe wants you to use their products to produce good work, and FedEx wants you to use their service to improve your efficiency, Dave & Buster's wants you to have fun. The company operates a chain of full-service restaurants and video arcades.

The company reported Q3 earnings on Dec 12. They beat expectations, but net income declined by 2.5% to $11.9 million. Total revenue was up 13%, hitting $282.1 million. The fall in income was set to increased operating costs. EPS was 30 cents per share, compared to an estimate of 21 cents.

Mixed results, and the market analysts took note of that in their reviews. While D&B retains its 'Strong Buy' consensus rating, with 7 'buys' in the wake of the Q3 report, most of the analysts also lowered their price targets on PLAY stock.

SunTrust analyst Jake Bartlett gives PLAY a $69 price target, and states that, in his belief, the company management was too conservative when they lowered FY19 revenue guidance. He sees the stock's pullback after the quarterly results as a "strong buying opportunity."

Andy Barish of Jefferies was similarly bullish. While his price target - $58 - is lower, his recommendation is, "Buy Dave & Buster's for value and improving same-store-sales."

PLAY stock holds an average price target of $65, which gives a 44% upside potential when compared to the $45 current share price.

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