First-time homebuyers must ask two important questions in the future-perfect condition. If I want to have a family, can this house grow with me? And, is this a smart, early investment regarding resale value? Most of the time, those answers will be tempered by geography. Location is still, as the saying goes, everything -- and WalletHub has identified some locations you should think twice about if you're a homebuyer (and especially if you're a first time homebuyer). There are some strong geographical trends in this list of the 15 worst (out of 300) cities to consider if you're in the market for the first time. In terms of methodology, WalletHub's study draws together three different rankings in order to come up with a composite "score" --affordability, the local real estate market, and quality of life. All told, the study is just one thing to consider when looking down the barrel of first time home ownership. You will inevitably have other mitigating factors to consider. But, take heed if you're angling for one of the cities on this list.