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If the words "most stressed" piqued your interest, you are probably wondering if your fair hamlet is on WalletHub's list. Stress is scientific, after all, with several well-known indicators like blood pressure, depression, and general outlook. WalletHub's findings coalesce around five major ranking categories (each with between three and seven determining, weighted factors). The work-related stress rank takes in common stressors like commute time and average weekly work hours. The money-related stress rank takes in cost of living, debt-per-median-earnings, and others. Family-related stress looks at only three, but they are mighty: divorce rate, percentage of single parents, and a well-being index. The health and safety related stress rank looks at mental health, suicide, and crime rates (as well as other stressors). Finally, the coping with stress rank looks at rather sobering evidence of how we deal with stress, from physical activity to smoking to number of shrinks per capita. Looking to lower your stress? Take heed of these places.

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